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How to take care of Silver Items

Silver products are highly adored by many, safely kept by all, but actually used by only few. One probable reason behind this could be the perception that maintaining silver products is a troublesome task. Though it does need a bit of extra effort, but once you master the skill, maintaining your silver items such as silver dinner set, silver mandir, silver cutlery, etc. will be much easier.

Silver storage tips

 As silver tarnishes easily when it comes in contact with moisture, it is crucial to store your silver objects in a cool and dry place.

 When storing silver dinner set after use, one should ensure that all the pieces are dried completely.

• Use anti-tarnish bags to keep every item individually and safely in the closet.

• One should never use wool, felt or newspaper to wrap the silver items. Wrapping your silver dinner set pieces in newspaper will cause excessive tarnishing, which will be difficult to remove.

• Using a glass-enclosed cabinet is an advisable option when keeping silver items for display.

• In the puja area, where you will be placing your silver mandir, make sure the surface is lined with anti-tarnish paper or cloths and not cotton felt or velvet as these fabrics contain sulfides, which causes damage to silver.

Silver Cleaning Tips

• The most crucial and most ignored step in cleaning of silver is dusting the surface before cleaning it. This is important as the dust particles present on the surface might scratch the finish when you clean it. Always use a clean cotton cloth or a soft-bristled brush for dusting.

• Wash the silver items such as your silver dinner set and silver mandir in warm water. Do not leave the items in water for lengthy amount of time. Always clean them gently with hand.

• Do not leave your silver dinner set pieces to air-dry. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the pieces. You can also use a hair dryer to reach out the corners where your hand might not be able to reach.

• Make sure you put on your rubber gloves before starting the cleaning process.

• Always use a high quality polish for polishing the surface of your silver products. This is available at, a one-stop shop to buy exclusive and best quality silver items.

• Most importantly, use and dust your silver products regularly, this is the best way to keep them from tarnishing.

The beautiful silver products that you bought from deserve to illuminate your surroundings for many years. Follow these basic storage and care instructions and keep their shine intact. 

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