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Keep Your Pooja Place Shining with Divinity

Maintaining a beautiful sacred place is in the heart of most people and they choose objects specific to their place of devotion. Silver has always been considered as an auspicious metal and is therefore an integral part of our place of worship and religious and wedding ceremonies. As per Hindu scriptures, metals like silver are considered as pure metals and should be included as a part of your everyday prayer. Silver is also known to be ‘doshmukt’, meaning free from flaws and thus, use of silver is considered to be highly favorable. It is therefore a regularly observed fact that people who are highly religious are on the look out for unique silver items that can be used to ornate their divinity spaces. Here are some ways by which you can keep your pooja place silver, shining with divinity.

Silver Mandir
A shiny silver mandir in your pooja place is a beautiful way to describe your belief and dedication to the almighty. Since, there is a long list of gods worshipped by hindus, at you will be able to buy beautifully handcrafted silver Laxmi Ganesh mandirs, Ram Darbar silver mandir, Shiv Parivar silver mandir and even intricately designed silver mandir Samriddhi as well. The entire range is exclusive in not only design, but also in the type of material used while crafting them. The company uses only international standard sterling silver for making its products. And the fact that the art pieces are hand crafted, only adds to their beauty!

Silver Ganesh
Devotees of Ganesh will fall in love with the huge collection of designs of silver Ganesh available at Silver Ganesh figurines in various mudras are available to add glow and grace to your place of worship. Ganesh is the ‘Vighnaharta’ and thus removes all obstacles and negativities that obstruct your path to success. With each silver ganesh being a rendition of the stories of old, it is indeed a pleasure to have one of piece in your home.

Silver Pooja Thali
A silver pooja thali to offer prayer to your silver Ganesh will add more positivity in your home. Silver is believed to be a pure metal and use of silver in making pieces of religious ceremonies is always preferred.

Silver Incense Stick Holder
A silver incense stick holder will help to spread waves of positivity and calmness in every nook and corner of your home. This simple piece of considerate beauty will add grace to your place of faith.

Silver Diya
Silver diyas from come in beautiful designs and styles. When burning, it will transmit good vibes along with bringing glow to your mandir. Burning of a diya is highly significant while performing any type of religious rituals. Even if you are not religious, a burning diya, is simply put, beautiful.

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