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How Improper Handling Can Damage Your Silver Items?

Silver is a precious metal and it is important that one handles any silver item very carefully. Even the slightest of ignorance can cause permanent damage to the item. It is thus essential that one follows certain guidelines while cleaning silver objects. When we say silver, here we are talking of sterling silver, which is 92.5% of pure silver as well as silver plated a.k.a German silver. One should not misunderstand it as impure silver, rather it is one of the most widely used type of silver. When you are handling your silver items such as home décor products, silver dinner set, silver figurines, etc. there are certain points which need to be taken care of.

Do not cut food on a piece of silver dinner set, as using a sharp object can cause lines or other marks on the dinner set.

Caking of food on pieces of silver dinner set can cause staining as well as corrosion.

While cleaning silver home décor items, handle the items very lightly as there is chance of breaking away fragile parts of such home décor objects.

Store your silver items wrapped up in a dry and acid-free tissue paper. Place them in an anti-tarnish bag.

Do not place your silver items especially silver dinner set near areas which are close to smoke, household paints, rubber or newspaper.

Use a high quality silver polish or cleaning agent to remove tarnish from silver items.

Never dip these pieces of luxury gift items in a cleaning agent. You should dust it with cotton wool and also use a lint free cloth to wipe them clean.

Avoid the settling of your cleaning agent into small spaces of hollow decorations, especially in home décor pieces. Try to get rid of small particles with the help of a soft brush. You can also use an air dryer to remove moisture from corners where your hand is unable to reach.

Do not overuse the polish just because you want it keep it shining. Cleaning agents being abrasive can damage the embossed work and can even cause holes.

Wear cotton gloves before handling the silver luxury gift​​​​ items for cleaning, as it will not leave any fingerprint marks.

If silver is your fascination, then you can buy superior quality silver items from They have a wide collection of high-grade pure sterling silver and silver plated luxury gift​​​​ products.

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