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Showcase Your Silver Items in Suitable Environment

Remember that elegant silver dinner set that your Grandma gave to you on your wedding? How about that alluring silver candlestick you bought from, where is it hiding? You were so fascinated with it. This happens all the time, doesn’t it? We either buy silver home décor products or get them as gifts, but just because we are fearsome that they will tarnish, we do not want to take them out ever. But after going through this little tip sharing, you will definitely want to have those pretty home décor pieces shining bright and decorating your home. With regular care and proper display, most of these silver pieces will stay bright for years and years to come.

Place in the right environment
It is important to first understand the culprit behind the tarnishing of your silver items. Tarnishing is basically discoloring of your silver item. When the object tarnishes, it turns blue-black in color and loses its shine. This happens when a silver object comes in contact with moisture. Humidity is the biggest enemy of silver products, whether it is your silver dinner set or any other home décor product. If they come in contact with the damp environment, the piece is bound to loose its beauty. So, the perfect place to display your silver product is to showcase it in areas where there is a minimum chance of getting in contact with moisture.

Tips to display your silver items

• Display your silver items away from direct sunlight. Though it does not harm it directly but it is wise to do so in order to maintain its shine.

• If you are showcasing your silver product in a cabinet, the best way to protect it from tarnishing is by placing a block of camphor near it. But ensure that it should not touch the silver item. 

• Use special anti-tarnish papers or cloth in the display areas. These can be bought online. 

• It is highly essential to clean your silver items immediately after use, especially in case of dinner set. We will be sharing the details of this in our trailing blogs. So stay tuned. 

• Do not display your silver home décor pieces in an unvarnished wooden shelf. The harmful vapors omitted by them can harm the pieces. 

• Avoid displaying silver home décor pieces near cotton felt, wool or velvet. 

If you are still worried about buying that silver home décor piece or the splendid dinner set that you saw at, then go ahead and pick your choice without fear. uses high quality German lacquer to coat their silver products for longevity and resistance to tarnishing.

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