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Vitals For A Prosperous Janmashtami

Janmashtami is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. It is celebrated to immortalise Lord Krishna’s life of mischief and charm, on the day of his birth. Every year, Janmashtami is considered to mark a new beginning for the devotees of Lord Krishna. Embodiment of bhakti and good karma is commanded, as you get ready to completely devote yourself to Lord Krishna. It is also important to prepare all the essentials of a silver mandir to ensure a prosperous Janmashtami. We bring you a list of silver products that will be required to give a proper welcome to the lord.

Silver Mandir Requisites
Silver is considered to be the purest form of metal, spiritually. It is used in many pooja items because of this quality. Even if you don’t have a silver mandir in its entirety, using silver-plated pooja items will suffice. Silver Krishna idol can be in any form of your choice. But it is important to note that there should not be more than a single idol of Lord Krishna in the house. Silver diyas, along with silver-plated incense holder, silver-plated bell, silver-plated tea light holder, and a silver-plated aarti plate, along with other silver trousseau and dinner set items are the basic requirements for conducting any pooja.

Pooja Material
Lord Krishna is believed to reciprocate the worshippers’ devotion in enchanting and intimate ways. Therefore, while conducting the pooja, there are a few pooja items, which you need to keep in hand as offerings to the Lord. Paan, supari, sacred water, milk, and ghee are a few of the items that are used as offerings to Lord Krishna. Sweets which are associated with the Lord are also supposed be to kept with you during the pooja.

Clothing Material For the Idol
Bathing, cleaning and clothing the idol of the deity is also a part of the devotion. After the silver idol is bathed in milk and cleaned completely, it should be dressed in new clothes. You are also supposed to decorate the idol in heavy jewellery for the celebrations. This act shows the Lord that you willingly serve his wishes and want to start the celebrations with happiness.

Lord Krishna’s purpose of birth on soil was to end all prevailing evil. This is why Janmashtami marks a new year for the worshippers of Lord Krishna. Along with all the poojas and kirtans, it is also important to form a positive energy around you. As silver is a metal that calms, sterling silver products help you cultivate positivity in your aura even in the haste of preparations. This Janmashtami, purchase required sterling silver products for your silver mandir, silver trousseau items, and silver dinner set at Episode Silver with convenience. You will have many designs to choose from that may match with your home décor, as well.

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