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Gift Silver This Ganesh Chaturthi To Your Loved Ones

There are many lores to why Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated. But with grandeur, this festival was first celebrated by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja, the great Maratha ruler. Even though the festival lost its popularity during and after the British raj, it was revived by Lokmanya Tilak as way to bridge the gap between the segregated classes of the society. Today, it is a festival is celebrated to bring communities together and relations closer. The festivities that make this joyous festival communal include dancing, singing, paying homage to pandals, and exchanging gifts with your relatives.

Gifts are exchanged to bestow happiness, joy and good fortune on one another. But anyone can be a little bewildered by the thought of what to gift. We have come up with a few suggestion to help you celebrate harmoniously.

1. Silver Ganesha
What better gift to give on Ganesh Chaturthi than a simple silver Ganesh? Silver, the auspicious precious metal, is an apt gift for such a jubilant occasion. Silver Ganesh is associated with opulence and fortune. It is also known to bring benign environment where it is placed. Episode Silver offers many well crafted silver Ganesh designs to choose from.

2. Silver Ganesh Modak
Gifting this delicacy in silver-plating is received whole heartedly. A silver modak completes the silver Mandir decorated for Ganesh Chaturthi. The modak can later be repurposed according to the home decor as well.

3. Ganesh Pooja Accessories Hamper
Silver-plated pooja accessories suited for Vinayaka pooja in a hamper is a remarkable gift. We suggest this hamper should include silver mandir accessories such as silver-plated incense holder, silver-plated diya, roli-chawal, silver-plated vessels, silver-plated bells etc. These accessories can also include a silver Ganesha to go along.

4. Silver-plated Pendants and Bookmarks
If the gifting budget needs to be watched, personalised gifts such as silver Ganesh pendants, silver-plated Ganesh bookmarks, and silver Ganesh balls are also great gifts for your relatives. These gifts are functional in everyday life. Hand crafted with contemporary designs, these personalised and unique gifts are available for purchase online in India.

At Episode Silver, all the above mentioned unique gifts are available. Gifts on Ganesh Chaturthi amplify the excitement and cheerfulness amongst patrons. A sense of belonging is deeply rooted within the populace, around the festivities. As you render peace and content in your mind and heart this Ganesh Chaturthi, we urge you to be a little environment conscious as well. Instead of bidding your farewells separately to the lord of wisdom, share your Lord Ganesha idol and reduce the chemicals induced in water. This will give a gracious collective end to the communal celebrations.

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