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The Perfect Ganesh Idol For You

It is pretty well known that idols of deities bring calmness and prosperity in homes. And when it comes to home decor, Lord Ganesh’s idols are the most popular choice of all deities. But did you know that the size and the entire posture of the Ganesh idol you choose, has a great amount of influence on your home decor. So how to decide which Ganesh idol is perfect for you?

Each of the Ganesh idol's posture has a meaning behind it. These postures dictate how the idol should be used. It can be used as a unique gifts, in the mandir, or for home decor. And if you are clueless about the meaning of the postures and the uses, don't worry! We are happy to share our knowledge with you. There are four major postures of Lord Ganesha- the sitting, the standing, the dancing and the reclining.

A sitting deity is a serene and relaxed deity. Lord Ganesha, in the seated position, is known to meditate and keep a watchful eye on his devotees. Therefore, it the most commonly used as a decorative figurine in home decor and for worshiping, placed in a silver mandir.

The standing posture of Lord Ganesha is considered a delightful sight, due to the physical attributes of the Lord. The standing posture signifies firmness and control. It is great for lounge decor, while entertaining guests, as it depicts the command of the host. It can also be placed in a mandir.

It is said that the Lord gracefully performs the dance of destruction in this posture. Therefore, it is not suited for either the mandir or home decor. In this posture, the Lord also gives his blessings to his vehicle, the mouse and the mouse gains irreversible strength despite its size. This ideology makes it a perfect and unique gift for creative people as it gives the blessings to overcome any obstacle.

The reclining posture of the deity represents regality and luxury. It is apt for home décor and gifting purposes, but not for worshiping. Silver Ganesh idol is the most appropriate idol in this posture, since silver is one of the most royal metals. It may not be able to make your mandir into a silver mandir, but it will add grace to your decor.

Other than the posture, you also need to make sure that your Ganesh idol is not more than 18 inches. If the idol is for worshiping purposes, it should be placed on an elevated platform in the mandir. For contemporary and traditional designs of Lord Ganesh’s idol in a hassle free way, log on to Episode Silver. Episode Silver has above hundred designs of silver Ganesh for you to choose from.

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