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How to Impress Mata Rani This Navratri

As the name suggests, ‘Navratri’ means ‘Nine-Nights’. This Hindu festival is celebrated all across India. Each day is specifically dedicated to the nine forms of the goddess.

People in every state have different rituals that are performed during these days. Since this is a festival which spreads purity, silver dinner set and other items are widely used. Consuming the satvik food, serving the food in silver dinner set, and organising Mata ki Chowki are some of the activities that are performed by the people, which are considered to purify the mind and the soul. This Navratri, impress Mata Rani by:

Chanting the ‘holy mantra’
Recalling her name is the best way to impress Maa Durga and also to thank her for her blessings. You should do this while sitting before Maa durga’s idol at your home or in a mandir. You should sit in a position resembling a lotus, while keeping your back straight. Then, with joined hands and closed eyes, the ‘Om Durgaaye Namah’ mantra should be chanted for a minimum of 11 times in a day. It will not only help you soothe your mind, but will also fill you with enthusiasm and confidence.

Singing the hymn, Durga Arti
A blessed ‘Navratri’ is when you offer prayers to the goddess twice a day. One should be in the morning and the other in the evening. Singing the ‘aarti’ or hymn along with a diya in silver thali has a positive impact on the body. It also initiates an inflow of positive energy. You should ask your family members to join in as its boasts the sense of togetherness.

Fasting for the nine days
Fasting basically means to give up the two square meals for the duration of the Navratri. You should have satvik meal only after offering prayers and a part of your food to goddess, after sunset. Specially prepared food should be eaten in silver thali marking the completion of the fast.

Organise kirtan or Chowki
The best prayer is when done unanimously. You should invite your family and friends for a kirtan or chowki at your place. It will fill up your home with vigorous good vibes all around. You would feel the positivity flowing through. Later, you should offer Prasad in a silver thali to Mata Rani and have satvik food with everyone, after the Poojan is done.

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