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Fabulous Silver Thali's for Navratri Pooja

Navratri pooja is done twice in a day during the Navratri days. The pooja is done to acknowledge the goodness of all the things that Goddess ‘Durga’ has given us in our lives and to further plead for a prosperous life.

The everyday puja involves three essential things without which the ‘Aarti’ cannot even begin. They are- ‘Thali’, ‘Diya’ and the incense sticks. Out of all these, the major element is the ‘thali’. People decorate the thali’s during these days to impress the goddess by showing their dedication.

We at Episode, have beautifully designed silver thali’s for this Navratri Pooja. You can choose your favourite thali from the variety of options, available in different sizes and designs. Almost all our thalis are accompanied by silver ‘Diya’s’ and a firm incense stick holder. Many come with a hand-held bell as well, to add to the auspicious ‘aarti’. The best Silver Aarti Thali for this Navratri Pooja are:

1. Lotus Shaped Silver Thali
The lotus flower has a great significance in our cultural history and is believed to be the flower of the gods. This silver thali by Episode is shaped as a lotus flower with six big open spaces. It has a silver Diya in the middle and a hand-held bell.

2. Swastika Shaped Silver Thali
The second most beautiful silver thali is the Swastika shaped silver thali by Episode. A complete swastika sign made purely out of silver, divides the thali into four equal parts. A pre-fixed Diya in the centre and a hand-held bell is included within. Space for incense sticks is also made in the thali itself.

3. Silver Plated Pooja Thali Shree Yantra
The silver plated pooja thali shree yantra is a unique pooja thali crafted specially by the experienced designers of Episode. Coming at an affordable price tag, this thali is bound to catch eyes during the navratri pooja.

The shree yantra and other stunning thalis can be discovered on our website. The silver thalis perfectly mingle with silver Ganesh and can also be used as a stunning home decor piece. The silver and silver plated thalis by Episode are perfect for multi-purposes. You can purchase a similar design dinner set to accompany the thali and gift it as a ​​wedding gift.

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