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Gorgeous Idols for Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja or Durgotsava is a Hindu festival, which takes place in the month of September-October of every year. It is followed by Karvachauth, Dusherra and Diwali, concluding the festive season of India. The Durga Pooja festival is a celebration of one’s spirit, i.e. victory of good over evil, Maa Durga killing mahish-asur.

In parts of Gujarat, Durga Pooja is celebrated as the ‘Navratri’ festival, where Garba nights are organised. In Bengal, the enactment of the events that took place with Goddess Durga, are played continuously for nine days of Navratri, which end on the last day, followed by ‘Vijay Dashami’ that is the tenth day. However, for the nine days, devotees all over in India, welcome Maa Durga in their home by bringing Maa Durga idols. On this occasion, a silver Ganesh idol also accompanies Maa durga in to the house.

It is believed that when you welcome God in your home, there is a sense of calmness that comes along and spreads in the surroundings. According to Hindu mythology, a room or a corner in the house should be devoted for a small mandir. Many devotees keep a silver mandir . It is not necessary that it has to be large in size, but as per one’s convenience. The best idols to choose this Durga Pooja are:

Silver Plated Durga idols
There are multiple choices of Durga Maa idols that you can choose from, at Episode. The most common apparitions of Goddess Durga is of her sitting on her the fearless tiger. Also, most devotees bring home new mandirs, as they love to keep their Maa Durga in beautiful silver mandir at their home. As silver is considered the symbol of purity and also soothes mind.

Maa Laxmi Idols
Episode Silver offers a variety of mesmerising art work of the different forms of Maa Durga for Durga Pooja. They are not just mere idols crafted in silver, but a work of talented craftsmen. There is Maa Laxmi standing on a lotus flower, her favourite flower. In this idol, she is seen flourishing the devotee with blessing. One look at it and it seems as if divine Maa Laxmi is present before her devotee, herself.

Mata Parvati, another Avatar
Other than Maa durga idols, there are silver sculpts of entire Shiva parivar including Maa Parvati, Shiv ji with Nandi ji and their sons, Kartik and Ganesh. There is a beautiful presentation of Kailash Mountain, where Shiv ji dwells, in the background.

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