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Karva Chauth traditions that you didn’t know about

Karva Chauth is a festival, practiced in Sanatan dharma, i.e. Hinduism. It is a tradition of one day fasting, done by all the married women. It is a prayer done to the almighty, for husband’s long and healthy life. This festival depicts the real meaning of selfless love and firm commitment. The sight of ladies dressed in red, with bangles and heena on their hands, is amusing. These women gather in groups and head to mandir with their silver thaali, to perform rituals.

Karva Chauth is also that time when husbands stretch their legs to get unique gifts for their wives. In fact, there are some men who are unaware of the minor yet important traditions of karva chauth. Here are some details about the ‘vrats’ (fasting) done on Karva Chauth.

The first Sip
After the sight of the holy moon and their husbands, wives complete their fast with the first sip of water, offered by their respective husbands. According to the ritual, water shall be poured in a silver tumbler. In sanatana dharma, silver metal has been considered as a pure element. This as a matter of fact, has been backed by science. It states that silver purifies water by killing harmful bacteria.

The grand feast
As the night takes over, the wives proceed to have dinner with their respective families. It should be noted that it has been a ritual to have the dinner in a silver dinner set. Satvik food is prepared along with the mandatory Indian sweet known as ‘kheer.’ Having food in silver dinner set has a positive impact on the body as it boosts the digestion process. This avoids acid reflux situation as the ladies have food after skipping meals, for the entire day.

Perks for the soon to be brides
This festival is extra special for the ‘soon to be brides’, as they receive a mandatory ‘shagun’ from their in-laws. The mother in-law sends gifts for the first karva chauth of her son’s bride. This includes ‘sargi.’ a red coloured dress, a ‘shringar’ kit and the most important, silver jewellery. The silver jewellery includes a set of toe rings and a pair of anklet.

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