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Celebrate the Homecoming of Lord Ram by Lighting Sterling Silver Diyas

The word ‘Diwali’ rings a bell of excitement and celebration in every heart. Starting with the excitingly long list of shopping of home decor items, diyas and unique gifts, to stocking homes with sweets; Diwali is celebrated in a colourful way. The beliefs with the celebration of this grand festival are however, known to a few only. They are mentioned in the epic, ‘Ramayan’, which delivers a strong message of karma, selfless love and unshakeable faith. The story revolves around a selfish mother, an obedient son, a strong brotherhood, a son’s promise and a 14 years long wait of the kingdom for return of its king.

The people of Ayodhya were rejoiced and celebrated the homecoming of Lord Ram by lighting Diya’s. These diyas are a symbol of rejuvenation and delight. The prime importance of this festival is to eradicate darkness, and spread positivity. The positivity in the surrounding boasts the mood and elevates a number of good thoughts. Along with celebrating the homecoming of Lord Ram by lighting Diyas, it has slowly become a Diwali tradition, to present gifts to friends and relatives. Silver made articles are the most preferred gifts, and very popular among the old age groups. Elders have an inclination towards silver Ganesh and other idols.

Evening prayers on Diwali are dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. Every Diwali, a set of new idols are bought and kept in the mandir for Diwali pooja. Episode has made multiple choices of Laxmi-Ganesh duo sets available, on the website which has been especially designed for Diwali. You will find a Silver Ganesh- laxmi duo with coloured and chocolate base shade. These designs are exemplar of tradition meeting new trends. In the northern states of the country, the festival holds a special significance for the newly wed brides, who dress up is heavy jewellery and a saree of red colour. Elders gift the just married couples silver Ganesh – Laxmi duos along with the shagun, as their blessings and best wishes.

Now that you know the significance of lighting a diya, let’s celebrate Lord Ram’s homecoming, by spreading the happiness and lighting every corner of the street. Episode wishes you and your family a happy and a prosperous Diwali!

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