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Must Have Items for Organizing Laxmi Poojan

Laxmi Pooja, is an auspicious Hindu festival observed on Amavasya, the new moon day. It is believed that on this day, Maa Laxmi herself visits each and every devotee’s house to bless him or her personally. It is the time to prepare for her arrival with a decorated mandir, a silver Ganesh idol and a decorated “aasan”, where the idol of Maa Laxmi is kept.

A very important aspect of the pooja is Lord Laxmi Ganesh worship. Tika, roli, diya and a Prasad thali are few of the other necessary items required in the pooja. Many Pooja thalis are decorated with trendy gota and pearl work, as part of the celebration of Maa Laxmi’s visit.

As recommended, the Laxmi Pooja should start with worship of established silver Ganesh idol. At Episode, you will find some interesting designs of Lord Ganesh. There are a few in which he is sitting beside ‘modak’, his favourite sweet, and his ride “mushak raj”. There is also a duo of Laxmi ji and Ganesh ji sitting on a triangular base with swastik embedded in front. Swastik is considered a sign of good luck in sanatana dharma.

You can plan this day to celebrate the Laxmi Poojan in a grand way. Invite your neighbors, friends and closed ones.. A good host is the one who keeps it warm and welcoming. Return gifts are a sweet gesture of gratitude, hence you shall think of a good return gift. It could be theme based Laxmi table frame or sweets. Gifts such as silver Ganesh, thali or a colorful miniature of Maa Laxmi can be chosen for the gifting.

The holy leaves of a banana tree, a mango tree and a ashok tree are the other must haves that top the list. Ashok or mango tree leaves are used to make door bandanas with ‘swastik’ drawn on all the eleven leaves. Banana tree leaves are offered to Lord Satya-narayan. According to Hindu mythology, he is the husband of Maa Laxmi. Hence, it makes him another Lord who must be present along with other deities during the poojan. With these items intact, you are ready to organize a devoted poojan!

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