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Stunning Silver God Idols for Proper Laxmi Pooja

As per its history, it is believed that Mother Laxmi visits every one’s house on the day of Laxmi Pooja, during Diwali. She blesses her devotees with good health, prosperity and wealth. It’s a tradition to keep the lights on during night and the doors un-bolted to welcome her inside. The preparations for Laxmi pooja start with decoration of the mandir at home, with flowers, fruits and home-made prasad. Lord Ganesha always accompanies goddess Laxmi in the pooja, to remove all obstacles that may arise during the pooja. Devotees buy new Laxmi-Ganesh idols and establish them in their mandir. It is followed by offering some prayers.

People buy different colourful idols of Maa Laxmi, the ones made from clay, marble, eco friendly substances and more. At the Episode, we offer silver ganesh and silver Laxmi idol duos in different sizes and formations. Most of our collection includes miniatures of idols and they fit well in almost every place and mandir.

During the pooja, Gold and silver coins owned by the devotees are also made part of pooja. It is believed that goddess Laxmi is present in the form of the coins. The prayers are offered by singing “Aarti” or hymns. After that, Prasad is offered to Goddess and then it is distributed to the people present. Here is the selected list of stunning silver Idols for Proper Pooja of Goddess Laxmi, this Diwali:

Silver Laxmi Idol in Standing Position
Lotus is believed to be Goddess laxmi’s favourite flower. In this silver idol of Laxmi ji, she is seen standing in the middle of a lotus flower, offering her blessings. The four arms are stretched holding elements, which have their own significance. With lotus and swastika in two hands and holy kalash in other, one hand is kept in the position that signifies blessings according to Hindu mythology.

Silver Plated Laxmi Ganesh 'Math' Idol
The pair of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi is inseparable and shall always be praised together, in every pooja. This duo is also known as Shubh- Labh, where “Shubh” i.e. good is graced by Lord Ganesh and ‘Labh’ i.e. that is profit, by goddess Laxmi. After all, what is the use of wealth without prosperity? The Silver Ganesh and Laxmi duo are placed beautifully on a black platform.

Silver Laxmi Ganesh in Table Frame
Godess Laxmi and Ganesh sit elegantly, wrapped in a bright black base Table frame. It is Episode Silver’s sterling silver 925 product. This table frame artwork is one of the best-selling idols in the category on the website.

Silver Laxmi Ganesh with Triangular Base
These beautiful miniature god idols are another artwork in silver. The idols are elegantly placed on a flawless white base. The white marble base is cut in triangular shape with finesse. Also, there is a small silver plated holy swastika that is placed in the front.

Episode offers divine home decor collection of various Gods carved with neatness and perfection. There are elite silver plated Ganesha bookmarks; ‘Om’ shaped incense holders, and much more under our ‘Divinity’ collection to choose this festive season.

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