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Importance of Using Silver 'Matki' in Chath Pooja

Chath Pooja is a festival in which devotees offer their gratitude to ‘Surya devta’ for his gracious blessings, blessing us with the basic necessities in our lives. It is done while standing in the water, and bathing in it. People pray to Lord Sun to bless them with a life full of happiness and prosperity on Chath pooja.

On this occasion, a matki is used for bathing. Since as per Hindu mythology silver is considered to be the purest and eternal metal so people prefer to use silver matkis for the same. It is important to use a silver Matki or gifting ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ silver items in Chat pooja because of given reasons:

The Purity of the Silver
Silver has magical cleansing capacities, which is why it is told to serve food in silver dinner sets. Silver is believed to have properties that kills harmful bacteria. Anti-fungal and non-toxic nature, are the other features of silver. This is also the reason for it qualifying as mandatory baby shower gifts.

Helps to boost Immunity
Bathing in water from Silver matkis help us to boost the innate immunity. It makes the body ineffective towards small bacteria groups which can cause diseases. Apart from Chath pooja, it is suggested to offer water to the new born in silver matki.

Cool down the Temperature
Silver helps to cool down the body as it is a great conductor of thermal energy. It absorbs all the heat from the liquid. This is the reason why the anklets and chains are made-out of this metal. There are also sun and moon tags that are custom made specially for baby shower gifts.

Strong Durability
Silver Matkis have a very long life and do not break or dent easily. They are the best for use during the crowded days of the Chath pooja. Besides, silver matkis are very durable. They continue to be the same for decades. Silver matkis, anklets and chains are often used for gifting as ​​wedding gifts or baby shower gifts.

The qualities of silver justify the role of silver. And not only in Chath pooja but as different gift options for baby shower gifts. You can shop for skilfully crafted matkis for Chat pooja at Episode.

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