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Silver – A medium to express design

Silver is a precious grayish-white metal that has gained huge popularity over the ages due to its brilliant white metallic luster that offers its amazing shine. Silver is packed with various special properties which places it next to gold. Apart from being the best conductor of heat and electricity, it is also the best reflector of visible light and this is why, it is mostly used in making mirrors. In addition to that, silver is also considered as a soft yet robust metal, and therefore it is used in making décor items, crockery, gifts, jewellery etc. Becoming a silverware designer gives a person the freedom to express feelings creatively and share the designs with the world to enjoy.


Moreover, keeping up with the latest décor and jewellery can be challenging but consumers find it easier to possess the latest styles in silverwares. The constant change in fashion is often the reason why people opt for silver over gold; the cost and abundance present an availability of the latest trends in silverwares. Consumers can simply change entire ensembles when they buy silver jewellery or silver home décor pieces which happens less often with other precious materials as the investment is much higher in other precious materials.

Episode Silver brings you the chicest silverwares, glassware, crockery, idols and a mélange of artistic items for gifting and décor. With an abundance of unique designs, Episode Silver has come up with exclusive offerings and strives to create something new every time.  The designers of Episode Silver understand the properties and significance of silver and wrap up their expertise in the variety of elegant designs and functionality based product Episode Silver is versatile with its design philosophy where you get to choose from a wide range of exclusive silver products which are embodiments of artistry and charm.

Episode Silver’s tagline, ‘The traditional can stand alongside the contemporary’ states the wonder of linking conceptualisation with creativity. It is uniquely justified by their range of customised silverwares which portray personal expression, character and style.


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