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SILVER GIFTING – A Tradition Here To Stay

As you select an intricate article of silver for your best friend’s wedding present, have you ever considered how silver gift giving has been used for generations to mark special occasions.

Silver in various forms is popular in the Indian culture from the olden times. The idea of giving articles of silver or silver coins to the bride and groom dates back to ancient times. Other ceremonies which see silver being used as gifts and puja items are naming ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, pujas and festivals like Diwali and Holi.


Over the years the idea of gifting silver cutlery, articles and jewellery has gained immense popularity in India. Popularity of silver doesn’t only confine to India; this precious metal has a huge popularity in western as well as Middle Eastern countries from the ancient times. The tradition of giving Apostle Spoons has its origins in the Tudor period which gave birth to the phrase "born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. Silver egg cups, spoons, napkin rings, cutlery, silver coins, silverwares and jewellery were the most popular choice of gifts for christening and wedding ceremonies in the Victorian era.

Silver is the preferred medium of choice for Indians too, and it comes next to gold. It has gained fame in recent years because of several designer stores and jewellery designers making it attractive with their striking and trendy designs. With the popularity of this metal among the youngsters, there is a substantial demand for the precious white metal as a gifting choice.

India is a huge exporter of silver jewellery and silverware and there is a huge demand from regions like the United States, Europe and the Middle East. It is easier for people to buy silver for gifting purposes as it is inexpensive in comparison to gold and other precious metals. Indians are fond of jewellery items like earrings, necklaces, toe-rings, anklets, rings etc. for gifting purposes. Giving silver coins as tokens of love or as return gifts, is considered auspicious during Indian weddings that makes silver one of the most coveted gifting option. Silverwares have moved further from traditional products of dinner sets or tumblers to high class interior products like barware, tea light holders, stationary articles etc.

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