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What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver Defined
It is often seen that silver and sterling silver are confused with each other. Silver or pure form of silver has 99.9% of silver content in it. On the other hand, sterling silver is a metal that is made by mixing copper in pure silver. Usually it is 92.5% of pure silver mixed with copper or even zinc and nickel in some cases. Mixing of other metals adds to its strength and thus offers ease of making unique gifts. Sterling silver is widely used in the luxury gifts industry due its high durability feature. Products such as dinner set, silver Ganesh idols, silver mandir, silver wedding presents etc. are some unique gifts available to express your love.

Mark of Purity
Pure silver jewelry is stamped with a 999, 99.9 or a .999 mark while sterling silver products are marked as 925, 92.5 or .925. This helps one to distinguish between pure silver and sterling silver product. Also these markings are important to authenticate the quality of the product. Sterling silver products are largely used for home décor and are also considered amongst the list of luxury gifts. They also are great options to be given as baby shower gifts, wedding return gifts, anniversary gifts and can be also designed as Personalized gifts for various occasions. But do ensure the quality by checking the mark of purity.

Benefits of Sterling Silver
Though 999 Silver is the purest form of silver but it is very soft and thus is not suitable for manufacturing handcrafted products. Also it tarnishes immediately it comes into contact with oxygen thus turning it black with exposure. Sterling Silver on the other hand has 92.5% silver and is considered as the world standard for Hi-quality for silverware items. Mixing of other metals in silver allows it to last longer than your pure silver products. It is also possible for craftsmen to design real intricate pieces using sterling silver.

Test for Purity
Apart from the marking on the products, there is another way by which one can check its authenticity. You can perform the nitric acid test. If upon putting few drops of nitric acid on the sterling silver product, the colour of the product changes or fades away then it proves that it is a fake non-silver product.

People are exploring for innovative options and a sterling silver product tops the list for all occasions. One can shop for unique gifts and genuine sterling silver products at Known for its excellent designing and high quality, they make you fall for their beautiful collection.

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