There’s no doubt that every mum-to-be looks forward to their baby shower!

It’s an important and special part of the pregnancy journey; an opportunity to spoil and celebrate the expectant mother and a chance to catch up with loved ones before introducing the little one into the world which changes the world and life dramatically!

There is nothing prettier than the moment when a new life comes into this world. Baby shower ceremonies are about blessing the little child with love, health, and happiness. Though there is nothing more precious than those blessings, yet a baby shower without Baby Shower Gifts is incomplete. Guests come with different types of gifts and these gifts are usually related to child birth or in other words related to all gift items that are of some use to the child or the would-be mother.

Silver being one of the few metals that are considered pure and safe for babies as it imparts positive energy and wears off evil.

We at Episode Silver bring to you our wide range of Decorative Silver Gifts, for special occasions like Baby Showers:


  • Photo Frames are a great option as gender-neutral gifts. These products may range in 925 Sterling silver as well as silver plated. Sterling Silver means, that it is the best quality sterling silver available in the market. This metal is a combination of silver with minor percentage of other metals in order to make it more durable for carving. Gifting a silver photo frame so that the mother could put up the picture of her new born is really thoughtful. There are a lot of gorgeous designs for Unique Gifts at Episode’s Baby Shower collection.


  • Silverware
    Being a safe metal for babies, silverware would probably be a wonderful and useful gift. At Episode Silver, there a lot of charming designs and options of silver bowls and spoons available that you can give away as Baby Gifts.



  • Figurines of the Lord
    Babies are considered as an incarnation of the almighty, so gifting a divinity figurine on a baby shower would make a great present. Gifting a handcrafted figure of Silver Ganesh to bestow the blessings of the Lord of prosperity and wisdom. A Silver Bal Krishna Mandir could also be considered to welcome the new born.