With the wedding season upon us, deciding gifting options for weddings is a tedious and time-consuming task. One will spend a lot of time figuring out what the perfect gift for a wedding would be.

The times are changing and with that the types of gifts too. Previously sweets, dry fruits or cash were considered as gifts, but they are a matter of past now being labelled as non-thoughtful. The trend of gifting various types of silver products has caught on for weddings. This is happening as Silver is not only considered luxurious but also very auspicious.

Episode Silver has come up with its exclusive collection that offers a variety of beautiful silver and silver coated items. Episode has made special sections for wedding gifts which covers every type of gift which is gifted during the wedding be it wedding invites, wedding presents given to the couple by guests, return gifts given out by the family or the trousseau gifts which are given to the bride by her family.

Listed below are top four silver gifting options that you may choose from, something the couple will cherish & will also make them remember your gift.

  1. Gifts for the Newlyweds
    It is a tedious task to find a good gift for the couple, but Episode has made everything very easy. They have come up with an amazing collection of silver and silver-plated products. The best items to gift the newlyweds are Shri Ganesha’s idols as the deity is known for bringing prosperity and will bring blessings in their lives. At Episode, you can choose from a huge range of beautiful sliver plated Lord Ganesha’s idols and there are many other exquisite products too.

  2. Wedding Invites
    Nowadays even the wedding invites must be as extravagant as the wedding. Episode is here to help by giving you an array of options of silver and silver-plated wedding invitations. They also have an exquisite range of wedding invite boxes like  Silver Plated Box Enamour Large, Silver Plated Box Grace & Silver Plated Box Lilien, these which are also perfect for putting dry fruits/chocolates/sweets.

  3. Return Gifts
    It is very easy for the couple and their family to forget about the gifts for their guests but even if they do, they tend to have less time to find a perfect gift for their guests. To solve this problem Episode has come up with perfect silver and silver-plated gifts like Silver Photo Frame Rose Small, Silver Photo Frame D Shape, Silver Pen Stand Horse Shoe, Silver Pen Rollerball Black With Leather Finish with this being only the tip of the iceberg as there many more options as well.

  4. Trousseau Gifts
    Every family looks for special gifts for their daughter that she will take with her. For this only Episode has dedicated a full section for trousseau gifts. In this section silver and silver-plated products like Silver Jewelry Box Square, Silver Tray Opulence Large, Silver Bowl Traditional Round Big, Silver Plated Jewelry Box Bow Big can be found and many more options are also there. This section will save a lot of time and hassle for the family to find an apt trousseau gift for their daughter.