Are you planning to design a beautiful living room at your home? And confused about its touch and feel? As your living room is the chillax point of your home, you can get creative and experiment with some design statements to make it stylish. So, let's see some fancy elements to make your living room, go wow!


  1. How about some silver light holders? Give your living room lights a base that will complement their overall appeal. Pick from our wide variety of silver-plated holders that suit your requirements in terms of design, style, and appeal.


  1. As cliché as they might feel, flowers are still a great way to brighten up a room—and you'll likely need a vase to go along with them. Our Decorative Flower Vases are made of silver and are crafted with various trendy designs and patterns.



  1. Why not keep a silver-plated box on the table where you can keep some tiny stuff! Small details also make a huge difference in the appearance of a space. So, why not add some silver-plated boxes with various attractive shapes and sizes to your living room? We do have a wide range of boxes you can choose from.


  1. Decorative Figurines add a zingy style statement to your home decor. Enhance the look of your house with our unique and attractive range of figurines.  These figurines are easy to clean and they go well with any wall decor.


Browse through our entire collection to shop and make your living room stylish.