A child is extremely special and so is her first birthday. There is so much that a parent does to make it a memorable day. The memories of the first birthday are cherished for a lifetime. After all, first is first.

So, how can you, as a guest, make this day special? There are numerous things that the host plans for, but for you there is certainly one thing that you need to plan for the baby and that is the gift. Giving gifts is an essential part of the birthday celebration and here we offer various options of beautiful baby gifts.

Silver Rattle
Silver baby rattle is a great first birthday gift that you can give to the baby. The gentle sound of this rattle will spread across the corners of the home along with the amusing giggles and chuckles.

Silver Tumbler
Buying a silver tumbler is always recommended for a baby, as silver is a cold metal and is highly suitable to use for these little chaps. A baby gifts should be useful and beautiful too. A silver tumbler can be an ideal baby gift.

Silver Photo Frame
A silver photo frame is another lovely gift that can be given as a baby gifts on first birthdays as well as giving it, as a return gift on birthday celebrations, can be a wonderful option, especially for the distinct guests. Photo Frames are an exclusive way to treasure memories and keep them safe and can also be a considerate birthday return gift idea by the host.

Silver Bowl
Giving baby food in a silver bowl is healthy for the baby as the goodness of silver is transferred through it. Even though there are numerous options for baby gifts, but it is always wise to give a unique and useful gift. A silver tumbler and a silver bowl from Episodesilver.com can also be combined and can together make a beautiful gift.

These suggestions for baby gifts can be an ideal gift to the baby on his or her first birthday and also makes a unique gift for return gifts for the special guests. You can shop for them from Episodesilver.com, the trusted name in silver gift items. The company deals in manufacturing unique gift options to add glamour and shine to your occasions. With a unique gift in silver, the event becomes more special. Since at Episodesilver.com you are bound to get only high quality products in splendid designs, any product picked from here will be above your satisfaction level. Have a cheerful birthday celebration with silver baby gift options.