Bedrooms are very different from the rest of the space in your home, thus, it is very important to put some unique elements in it, so as to make it stand out from the rest. Episode Silver offers a wide range of amazingly crafted silver décor items that will surely make a great addition to your existing collection. Let’s take a look at some of EpisodeSilver’s decorative pieces for your bedroom:

Silver Candle Stands: What better option to lift up the romantic mood in your bedroom than a beautiful candle stand? Episode’s exclusive collection of silver and silver-plated candle stands are a symbol of beauty and regal. These candle stands are more than enough to enhance the ambience of your bedroom. #Episode’s Silver Candle Stand Poise Small, Silver-plated Candle Stand Moderne, Silver Candle Stand Roots Big, Silver Candle Stand Diffusion 5, Silver Candle Stand Alpine, and Silver-plated Candle Stand Concentric are some of the numerous best options that you can consider.

Silver Decorative Accessories: Even minute elements create a huge difference in the way your bedroom appears, therefore, it is important to give a thorough thought process to such minor details as well. Episode Silver offers handcrafted silver figurines and silver home décor. Silver Decorative Figurine Squirrel, Silver Decorative Figurine Crane, Silver Decorative Figurine Persian Cat, Silver Decorative Figurine Grizzly Bear, and Silver Decorative Figurine Irish Setter are some of the options that are worth considering.

Silver Flower Vase: Placing some mind-soothing aromatic flowers in the bedroom can freshen up its entire aura. Depending upon your personal taste, you can place your favourite exquisite flowers in them. Episode’s gorgeous and attractive silver vases are, no doubt, the must-have item for your bedroom. Silver-plated Flower Vase Bud Tide, Silver-plated Flower Vase Bud Flux, and Silver Flower Vase Fossil are some handpicked options that you can get for your bedrooms.

Silver Photo Frames: There is no better feeling than to have your most cherished moments right in front of you when you wake up or go to sleep. #EpisodeSilver offers a melange of superbly crafted silver and silver-plated photo frames. Owing to the quality of silver used, these photo frames are made to withstand the test of time. You can choose from the Silver-plated Photo Frame Allure, Silver-plated Photo Frame 4, Silver Photo Frame Dynasty, Silver Photo Frame Wave 7x9 inch, Silver Photo Frame Melt 4x6 inch, Silver-plated Photo Frame Eddy, and many more.

You can also find numerous décor items for your entire home. For detailed information, visit our products page here.