Chath Pooja is a well known Hindu festival, celebrated with high spirits. The festival holds a great importance since the ancient times. It is majorly celebrated by the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The festival holds a huge significance for the “Sun” God and his wife “Usha”. People on the day of Chath pooja, offer prayer to thank God for what they have been blessed with and pray for god’s embrace.

In the Hindu culture, ‘Sun’ is praised because of the belief that it helps in curing and avoiding diseases and improves the overall physical well-being of the human body. This is the reason ‘surya-namaskar’ is performed.

The history of this holy day can be traced in the ‘Vedas’ as Draupadi and the Pandavas are also depicted praising the Sun Lord, regaining their lost pride and the kingdom. There are two historical beliefs associated with this ritual. The first is that yogis and sadhus used to perform this ritual to gain energy and strength directly from the sun without the intake of any food. The other belief is that Lord Rama and Sita used to perform Chath when they returned from their exile of 14 years. From then on this ritual has been gaining a prominent status in the society.

The festival of Chath pooja is celebrated for over four days and concludes by standing in a river and offering prayers to sunLord. Bathing in water and fasting are the rituals performed in Chath Pooja. Purchasing beautiful silver items like trousseau are considered a tradition following the festival. Many silver offerings crafted as personalised gifts are distributed among the family members, at the end of the pooja. This gesture of giving gifts helps to spread happiness and strengthen family bonds.

The government has officially recognized and has announced an official leave for the festival. Those stationed in different places visit their home town to celebrate this day with their family and friends, carryinggifts and sweets along.

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