Some people tend to head over to bars while others maintain a proper bar collection at their home. In the latter case, more the classy accessories you have, more you and your friends will love to drink at your place. The décor of these places is a matter of thorough planning. Well, in that case, Episode Silver provides swanky bar accessories set for you to have an elegant and royal home bar!

Different accessories available are as follows:

  • Silver Peg Measures:

There is no doubt in the fact that certain cocktails require precision, but having a classy and peg measure redefines the way you mix your drinks. Episode Silver has got a unique and trendy collection of silver and silver-plated peg measures that make an elegant addition to your bar accessories. Silver Peg Measure Long Arm, Silver Peg Measure Adjacent, Silver-Plated Peg Measure Chasm, Silver-Plated Peg Measure Braque, Silver-Plated Peg Measure Set Keg, and Silver-Plated Peg Measure Effective are worth-considering options.

  • Silver Plated Whiskey Flask

The perfect success or birthday gift for your friend is the whiskey flask by Episode Silver. Such bar accessories gifts adorn the bond of friendship. Episode provides an audacious collection of silver and silver plated whiskey flasks in different types and shapes. You can choose from Silver Flask Dune, Silver Flask Waves, Silver Flask Tall Rectangular, and Silver-Plated Whiskey Flask Old Boy.

  • Silver Plated Wine Glass Goblet

We all are familiar with glass wine goblet. The wine glass goblet is a regal accessory in bars and restaurants. The use of silver wine glass goblets is certainly a manifestation of grandiosity. Episode silver’s collection of silver-plated wine glass goblet is mesmeric. Silver-plated wine glass goblet chasm, Silver-plated glass wine bolts, Silver-plated wine glass Braque are some of the options you can consider.

  • Silver Bottle Stopper

Bottle stopper is an indispensable accessory in bars and clubs. Throwing down the expensive bottle of alcohol is a big leap, and this requires proper substitutions. The silver bottle stopper is a perfect alternative which increases the richness of the presentation. These bottle stoppers make the serving easy and luxuriant. Episode provides silver bottle stopper horse new, silver bottle stopper unicorn in its prolific collection.


You can also check other accessories such as silver glass tumbler, silver stirrer jaws, silver ice tong infinity, silver-plated ice bucket, etc

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