An invitation for an occasion is perceived as a representation of the event and expressing one’s desires to expect the receiver’s presence at that humble moment. Celebrations like weddings are prestigious and wedding invitations form a valuable element of this memorable affair.

Your wedding invite would speak a lot about your wedding ceremony. It not just contains information about the ceremonies but also indirectly reflects how classy and elegant the preparation would be, what guests should expect, and a lot more. Thus, it is important that you send out some intricate designer invite like silver wedding invitations or something of that sort.

Episode Silver presents a wide collection of artistic deity figurines that you could check out for this occasion. Here are a few ideas to consider for your invites.

1. Silver Ganesh The Hindu lord of prosperity and wisdom, Ganesh is worshipped for blessings before beginning any auspicious affair. The wedding is a great occasion and biggest event in a person’s life which is considered as the beginning of a new phase of life. Sending out this Lord Ganesha idol with invite would be a nice gesture and your guests would surely love this. Episode Silver presents a wide collection of artistic deity figurines that you could check out for this occasion. It is also one of the best wedding gifts for a couple.

2. Personal greetings for special ones We all have some special people whose presence means a lot to us. For such people, you should send some personalised gifts to express how valuable they are for you. Personalised gifts are always meant to leave behind a cherishing imprint on a person’s heart.

3. Designer Wedding invites Episode Silver has got an elaborate collection of designer invites that would add an elegant touch to your wedding invitation. Contrary to the usual invites, silver plated wedding invitations would definitely leave a long lasting impression on your guests. If you wish to couple something attractive with it, you can buy luxury gifts online and send it along with wedding invitation cards.

Wedding invitations are the first look of your wedding celebration, and they are meant to be in sync with the theme and wedding arrangements. You can also buy Episode silver wedding presents for gifting it to your relatives. Also, if you are looking for unique gifts online India, visit and buy some unique gifts for your guests and daughter.