Silver is a metal which has been known since antiquity. Unlike other metals, this element is considered non-toxic to humans. In fact, it is used in good decorations and exhibits great germicidal properties. Be it any industry, this metal is highly used in all for its n number of properties. Because it is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all the metals, silver is ideal for electrical applications; its antimicrobial, non-toxic qualities make it useful in medicine and consumer products; and the high lustre and reflectivity make it perfect for jewellery, silverware, and mirrors. But unfortunately, the industries today have stooped low and have taken a step backwards. Everything which was pure has now been adulterated and silver is no exception. To spot counterfeit, silver comes handy when you want to be sure about your purchase or in the event that you want to sell it, but the skill is a bit tricky if you’re not in the business. Worry not, because at Episode Silver we always have your back. We have got some easy tricks that you can apply at home to check the purity of your silver.

  • Magnet Test- Silver is non-magnetic in nature. It is paramagnetic and exhibits only weak magnetic effects. So, if a magnet sticks strongly to the piece, then your possession is not pure silver. While performing this test, do keep in mind that there are a few other metals that show the same property and hence will pass the test.


  • Ice Test- This is an easy and inexpensive test to do at home. All you need is ice.

Since silver has high thermal conductivity, the ice placed over it will melt immediately as if it has been placed on something hot. If not, then now you know why.


  • Acid Test- Although a bit time consuming, this is the most accurate test for pure silver products. For this, you will need to put on a pair of gloves as you’ll be using a corrosive acid to test the piece for purity.

You can purchase a silver acid test kit online through various e-commerce sites or you can directly buy it from a jewellery store. To do this, you just put a drop of solution on your silver accessory and if the colour turns something other than what is mentioned in the instructions guide, then it is fake. While performing this test, do take the necessary precautions because you don’t want to hurt yourself.


  • The most important thing to do while buying silver is to always go for certified silver. This way you, at least, know that your purchase is not fake.  

At Episode Silver, we do not just sell our products, we also believe in business ethics and our customers’ happiness. Since Episode is known for selling genuine and international quality silver products, head over to our retail stores across India or simply visit our website for authentic silver products.