No matter where you are in the world, Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is meant to bring brothers and sisters together, for you’ll always have a special place for your siblings in your heart. As somethings never change, the excitement of surprising gifts on this festival will never fade away. Every year, this day brings cherishing nostalgia with it and the zest of choosing gifts for your loved ones never goes away. Since in this day and age, emotional gifts are more valued than monetary gifts, planning to just hand over some cash to your sisters won’t be a good choice at all. It’s time to surprise them with some ravishing gifts and splendid gestures. Keeping this in mind, Episode Silver, with its unmatched style, has come up with creative designs and artistic silver paragons which are perfect for gifting as an expression of love. It offers a wide avenue of silver gifts for its customers to choose from.

  • Silver Rakhi- Rakhi is just not a piece of thread that a sister ties on her brother’s wrist, rather it is an honour to the sacred bond between the siblings. A brother promises to protect his sister from every evil out there. Episode Silver offers a wide range of Silver Rakhis that you can choose from. Available in multiple colour options, your brother is going to love it!


  • Silver Photo Frames- An intricate silver photo frame is the quintessential gift you must choose. Just slide in a photograph of you with your sister(s) and see a gleaming face when you gift it to them.

Ranging from high-quality sterling silver to silver-plating, these frames come in various shapes, sizes and colours for you to pick the best from.


  • Silver Stationery- If your sibling is a stationery hoarder, then this gift is just for them. Things like a silver pen stand, silver paperweight, and a silver bookmark will not just be useful for them but will be a masterpiece in their collection, especially with Episode Silver's uncompromising quality and prominent designs.


  • Silver home decor- An attractive home décor can never go wrong! We’ve got your back on this. High-quality silver lights, lamps and even silver vases are a winner in this case. With our widest range of collection, you are all set to see a cheerful face soon.


  • Jewellery Boxes- You may be wondering why your sister has a knack for organising her jewellery properly, well we don’t know either, but we do have something special for them. With a perfect blend of elegance and efficacy, our designing team has created some flawless jewellery boxes for your dear sister. Select from the best range of designs and quality to make this day a memorable one for both of you.


  • Silver Candle Stand- For those who have a soft corner for aesthetically appealing masterpiece, Episode Silver is the platform for them. Our silver candle stands have intricate delicacies which your dear ones are guaranteed to love. When lit up, a classic candle stand can be an extremely eye-catching piece in the room. Gift this silver item to your sister(s) because it is going to lit up their faces as well.


On this special day, pick the best among all for your loved ones and celebrate love.