Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in the memory of the father of our nation, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi. He was a legend who sacrificed his life for the freedom of our country. His absolute unique decisions and principles paid off in India’s struggle for Independence.

The candle march and the non-violence movement are some of his notable movements, which had a major impact on the British. His non-violence ideology is widely respected and is still practiced in peaceful demonstrations worldwide. His confidence and no-fear attitude are an inspiration, which one shall adopt and practice in one’s life.

In respect of Gandhiji, people light candles at Rajghat on Gandhi Jayanti. Companies also light candles on this occasion, pleading for peace. Episode Silver offers beautiful and elegant candle stands that could be used this Gandhi Jayanti.

Candle Stands from our Home Décor Collection
One of the major issues with lighting a candle is its hot melting wax, that can cause a burn. This is when candle stands come handy. They are easy to hold and are light in size. Made from sterling silver, Episode candle stands will definitely make a distinctive place in your home. After using the candle stands on Gandhi Jayanti, you can also use these stands for birthdays, bone fire parties, and 25th silver anniversaries.

Candle stands are the number one choice for wedding gifts and make a perfect hamper when accompanied with silver Ganesh. Candle Stands by Episode do not let the wax melt out of the stand and they also help the candle last longer by being able to provide it proper oxygen until the very end.

Lighting candles is considered as a sacred ritual, throughout the world. This Gandhi Jayanti, let us light a candle to:

• illuminate darkness

• solidify intentions

• dedicate prayers

• offer blessings

The exclusive candle stand Diffusion 5 and candle stand Pipes, from Episode can keep up to five candles at a single time. The diffusion 5 is moulded in shape of a tree with its branches stretching out with hallow space for the fruits to bear.