Silver has been used for gifting purposes since time immemorial. The metal has not just influenced our gifting occasions and customs, but has also affected our language till a certain extent. Silver has been known to be synonymous with great fortune and privilege for a very long time. It is a classic metal used in various products. It is a soft metal and is a great conductor of electricity and thermal energy as well. Though a classic metal, silver in its purest form of 99.9% is not sustainable. To counter this factor and still employ the basic properties of silver, an alloy has been formed. Sterling silver, an alloy of silver and usually copper has a purity of 92.5%.

Sterling silver has a popular market for its products. It is used in many wedding gifts, unique gifts and even luxury gifts. Within this market, the purity of this precious metal is always of a concern. But the purity of this metal can be easily tested by conducting the following tests.

1. Look for the Stamp
Initially, look for the stamp of purity on your silver anniversary gifts. All silver products are stamped according to their purity. The purity of silver varies from country to country. Sterling silver as per USA's standard is 92.5%, but in Germany 80% is also considered a pure form.

2. Test the Silver Product with a Magnet
Silver is a paramagnetic metal. This means that when an external force is applied, it is weakly attracted to it. If a magnet is kept close your silver luxury gift and it strongly sticks to it, then it is neither silver nor sterling silver.

3. The Ice Test
Another way to test the purity of either silver or sterling silver wedding gifts you received, is to put it through an ice test. For this, take out ice from the freezer and directly put it on the surface of the sterling silver product. As it is a great conductor of thermal energy, the ice should start to melt at speed.

4. The Bleach Test
This test has the potential of damaging your unique gifts or luxury gifts. Sterling silver reacts strongly when it comes in direct contact with powerful oxidants. To test the purity of the alloy, any strong oxidant such as bleach can be applied to the sterling silver product. What you should be looking out for is either tarnishing or no reaction. The product is of sterling silver if it tarnishes quickly.

These tests are not just limited to sterling silver products, but can also be conducted to test the purity of silver plated products. The purity of any precious metal is significant and crucial. Episode silver offers many sterling silver products, which are tested for purity, quality, and bear quality stamps. Many Episode products appropriate for ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ baby gifts, silver anniversary gifts, wedding invites and can also be used in gracing home decor.