Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh has a high place in the Hindu pantheon. He receives all godly honours before any other God. Lord Ganesh grasped and understood things fast and therefore, had great knowledge of the world. His listening skills were exemplary. This enabled him to eliminate any misunderstandings and communicate better. Lord Ganesh had respect for all creatures- big and small. Even with his high stature, he was humble. He did not let any obstacle in his path stop him. Another name for Lord Ganesh is ‘Vinayak’ or without a leader. The life and lifestyle of Lord Ganesh was full of positivity and one can learn a lot from him and inculcate his teachings in life. He is also the lord of prosperity and abundance and holds the doors to our inner consciousness.

According to Kundalini yoga, Lord Ganesha resides in our first chakra- the muladhara chakra. He opens our passages for the free flow of spiritual energy. He is also the first God that awakens in our mind. Lord Ganesha is also the ultimate heritor of all sacrifices. Offering early morning devotion to Lord Ganesh in a silver mandir is considered the correct way to start your day.

He is ‘Vighnaharta’ or the obstacle destroyer, which is why his blessings are always taken before beginning anything. He destroys any material or emotional obstacles in the path. Due to this sentiment attached to the lord, a silver Ganesh is a common wedding gift.

Lord Ganesh is an adorable God, whose devotees are not age bound. The righteous attitude and folklores surrounding the wisdom of a childlike Ganesh, attracts many young disciples towards him as well. As a baby gift, the idol of the deity is perfect, since children start to form a friend like bond with the Lord.

Lord Ganesh has around 32 physical forms. The physical form of Lord Ganesha is irregular yet, it is complete in itself. The idol of the Lord is considered as an embodiment of his philosophy. Therefore, it is considered very auspicious to use a Ganesh idol in home decor or as a gift. Auspicious idols require an equally auspicious and regal medium. According to Hindu mythology, the pride of gold corrupts it’s users and drives them into madness. Therefore, the royal medium of silver, is considered the most divine metal. A silver Ganesh idol would do wonders for your home decor or lounge decor. It also makes the perfect silver anniversary gift. Ganesh idols can be added in wedding invites as well.

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