Deciding on gifting options for your relatives can be a tedious and a time-consuming task. One has to spend a lot of time figuring out what the guest likes or wants. Then deciding one’s budget and finally scanning scores and scores of options that are available in the shops to find that one gift that marks off every T&C is also challenging.

Sweets, Biscuits, edible hampers are no longer luxury gifts, and are a matter of past now. With the change in the ideology of the people and their shift towards a healthy lifestyle, people are shifting more towards towards gifting long lasting gifts. The challenge now is to gift unique gifts, something that compels them to preserve it for life.

Listed below are five gifting options that you may choose from, something your loved ones will cherish.

1. Home décor Items: home decor is one of the best things that can be gifted. They very well qualify in the unique gifts category and prove to be useful. At least you can be sure that this Diwali your gift is not getting forwarded to anyone else. Silver candle stands and diyas are the best selling items for the Diwali season. Fulfilling the need and making a stunning piece of decor at the same time is what makes it the most loved. Episode offers fascinating designs of sterling tea light holder, and other decorative figurings that serve as amazing home decor options.

2. Finesse Designed Serve-ware for the Dear Kitchen: Kitchen items are other hot sellers as they never get out of fashion. Everyone wants updated cutlery and appliances. Dinner sets are the top preference for gifting on the occasion of Diwali. Gifting glasses and spoons made out of silver, are sure to catch eyes . It adds class and qualifies as a luxury gifts at the same time.

3. Silver Trinkets: Another item to add to the already awesome list is silver jewellery. You can choose from brilliant turquoise embedded ethnic rings to modern designer knot-end tiger eye silver rings. These can be perfectly placed inside a box with velvet cloth for any occasion.

4. For the Nerds: At Episode Silver, there are multiple gifting options for the nerds of the family. There are beautiful silver plated Ganesh shaped book marks, peacock shaped key chains, card holders and pen holders.

5. For the love of Drinks: Everyone deserves a gift on Diwali, be it a nerdy kid in your family or a passionate drinker. Gifting exclusive Bar accessories acts as a good option in such cases. A silver plated bottle stoppers, which come in shapes of rabbit, horse, stag, reindeers, etc. are unique items that are sure to catch the eyes of the classy. A marvellous nut shell shaped serving bowl accompanied by a set of finesse wine goblets and tulip glasses make the perfect unique gifts for Diwali.