Ques. Do I need to have account on Episode’s website for ordering a product?

Ans. No, it’s not mandatory to have an account on Episode’s website for ordering a product. You can order a product by continuing as a Guest and making the purchase.


Ques. What would be the benefits of creating an account on this website?

Ans. Once you create an account, it will help you to make a faster purchase, review your past orders, track your orders and get updates regarding sales, promotional campaigns as well as new arrivals.


Ques. What is the purity of silver in silver products?

Ans. The silver purity is 92.5% i.e. sterling silver. A guarantee card for the same is included with every purchase.


Ques. Do you buy back your products?

Ans. No, we don’t any buy back options. A product can only be exchanged and that too within 15 days from the date of purchase. Please refer to our return policy (link of the new website) for more information.


Ques. Do you accept bulk orders?

Ans. Yes, we do accept bulk orders. You can contact us through the various options available on this website.


Ques. What are the shipping charges for any product?

Ans. There are no additional shipping charges for orders within India, but for international orders, additional charges are applicable, depending upon the delivery location.


Ques. Do you deliver outside India?

Ans. Yes, we deliver outside India with an additional shipping cost depending upon the delivery location.


Ques. Do the products get tarnished?

Ans. Our products are lacquered to make them tarnish free for a longer duration. Blackening of a product signifies the purity of silver. Hence, the product may blacken or tarnish with the course of time, but you can have the products re polished at our store at a nominal cost. For more information on how to care for silver, please refer to our article “Caring for Silver” (link of the new website).



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