Silver tarnishes when in contact with atmospheric sulphur. Therefore use your silver regularly as usage breaks the surface sulphide film that causes tarnish. For food products, be sure to wipe dry after washing. Use a soft cloth. For decorative products like home decor items, wipe daily during the daily house dusting process. This delays tarnishing.


Salt is harmful to silver, burning its surface and leaving permanent black spots. Most good salt pots are either plastic lined or are tinned inside. Similarly, certain foods contain mild acids and silver dinner set or trousseau should be well rinsed after contact with Peas, Eggs, Brussels Sprouts, etc.


Whilst storing your silver items like wedding gifts, baby shower gifts etc, wrap in a soft white felt cloth and then in airtight poly bags. Do not wrap in news print nor seal the poly bags with rubber bands. Dampness encourages tarnish and can also harm wooden handles, filials, mother of perl handles, etc. So store in clean, dry, airtight cupboards.

Cleaning Silver

Heavily Tarnished pieces can be cleaned with : - Foam or Liquid paste Silver Polishes. Both Indian and imported polishes like Haggerty are easy available in the market. Use a soft chamois cloth. Silver dips are also very effective. Use a weak solution of washing soda and water to clean heavily stained Tea or Coffeepots of your dinner set. Pierced work should not be cleaned with a cloth as it may get stuck on the edges. Use a soft brush. Silver (like Silver Mandir) can be washed in dishwashers, but avoid contact with stainless steel as a reaction can occur.


Improper handling can damage valuable silver :- Do not lift hinged items like teapots, boxes or luxury gifts by their cover as hinges are likely to break. Do not place pieces near heaters as intense heat can damage hinges or wooden handles, etc. Whilst cleaning silver, hold the piece firmly by the body as undue pressure whilst pressing down on a table can damage the handle or push in the feet to cause dents. Whilst washing, pay special attention to wooden handles. Infect, even whilst purchasing, ensure that the handles are of naturally coloured wood like Ebony rather then wood that is painted or polished to the required colour.