Silver Bowl Oval Small

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        #Episodesilver's core philosophy is of design, quality and exclusivity, this objet d'art is produced, Handcrafted in Pure Silver, which carries a guarantee of purity of its silver content. Few silver manufacturers have the technology and knowhow to produce an equivalent quality, while maintaining the purity of silver, like #Episode has been designing and producing with, for its domestic premium segment of clients since 2001.
        The oval shaped perfectly crafted bowl is an eyecatching piece by #Episodesilver this decor bowl is designed to hold one's attention.
        Without doing much, they attract spotlight by whoever comes visiting your home. It is a unique piece in which the design gives an illusion of steps whilst the design of the bowl is artisitically wavy. This bowl comes in two sizes small and big respectively. They are best used as a deocrative item or a center piece on your dining table for fruits etc.
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