Silver Decorative Figurine Crane

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        #EpisodeSilver's core philosophy is design, quality and exclusivity. This objet d'art is produced and handcrafted with silver, which carries a guarantee of purity of its silver content. Few silver manufacturers have the technology and know-how to produce an equivalent quality while maintaining the purity of the silver. 

        #Episode has been designing and producing products for Home Décor, Trousseau, Personalised Gifts, Luxury Gifts, Silver Wedding Presents, Corporate Gifts, and so on. 

        #EpisodeSilver has a range of products which can be categorised into silver art ware like different decorative figurines resembling fruits, vegetables and animals.

        This silver decorative figurine crane made of sterling silver on complementing dark wood stand adds ample touch of luxury to your space and makes it eye-catching.

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