Silver Ganesh Ballaleshwar

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        Is Sterling Silver 92.5Sterling Silver 92.5
        Has Anti Tarnish ProtectionAnti Tarnish
        Will Be Gift PackedGift Packed
        Includes A Care & Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual

        Product Dimensions -

        • Length - 18 cms
        • Breadth - 15 cms
        • Height - 12 cms
        • Diameter - na

        *sizes of handcrafted products are approximate

        #Episodesilver is synonym with Silver Gifts for two main reasons one is that design is at the very center of its philosophy backed strongly by high quality and innovation. Secondly, all designs are simplistic and elegant yet ascetically appealing while being rich in tradition. Ballaleshwara - Long ago, in Krita-Yuga this place is known as Kokan Pallir. A businessman called Kalyan Sheth was living there with his wife Indumati & son Ballal. Ballal was the great devotee of Lord Ganesha. His friends were also devotees of Lord Ganesha. Their parents did not like this. They complained about this to Kalyan Sheth. Kalyan Sheth was also not like his son, Ballal to become the devotee of Lord Ganesha, instead he wanted him to become a businessman like him. Kalyan Sheth became very angry about daily complaints of his son. Once Ballal went to forest along with other children for playing. They made a statue of Lord Ganesh and were so engrossed in performing his worship that they forgot everything even though it became dark.The parents of everyone became angry, they went to the forest where they saw Ballal and other children were playing and worshipping Lord Ganesha. They threw the idol and scattered the puja. Kalyan Sheth beat Ballal very much with the stick. Blood came out of his body. He left his son in that condition with his body fasten by rope. Kalyan Sheth asked his son, now let us see how your God will rescue you. He began to make his prayers to Lord Ganesh. To preserve the faith of his devotee he emerged from the rock.Lord Ganesha gave him a blessing that you will be the great promoter of my cult (the devotees of Lord Ganesha, great spiritual leader and you will have long life. The rock is nothing but the idol of Lord Ballaleshwara and the idol, which was thrown by Ballal's father, was installed in the nearby temple as Lord Dhundi-Vinayak. Ganesha here is known by the name of his beloved devotee.Nothing is impossible if you have the belief and hardship in your work. The story of Ballal is one such inspiration which showed the undenying faith towards his beloved god, which led him to appear from the stone which Ballal was worshipping.This Silver Ganesh is not only aesthetically appealing but also so rich in history. Bring home positivity and wellness to your Home Decor or Silver Mandir. This is also an excellent gifting option as an #AnniversaryGift, #HousewarmingGift or #WeddingGift. 

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