Silver Ganesh Ekdanta

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        Is Sterling Silver 92.5Sterling Silver 92.5
        Has Anti Tarnish ProtectionAnti Tarnish
        Will Be Gift PackedGift Packed
        Includes A Care & Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual

        Product Dimensions -

        • Length - 15 cms
        • Breadth - 4 cms
        • Height - 12 cms
        • Diameter - na

        *sizes of handcrafted products are approximate

        #Episode is a manufacturer and retailer of design-Led "Objet D'art", crafted by hand for premium Home Decor & Gifting. One of India's foremost luxury brands, who design & manufacture its products indigenously.

        This Silver Ganesh Idol by #Episodesilver is a hot seller, Lord Ganesha is seen here sitting on the Ekdanta. Ekdanta means having one tooth. There are many stories attributed to the reason why Ganesha has a single tooth.

        This depiction of Ganesha is inspired by the story of the elephant-faced demon, Gajamukhasura, who obtained a boon from Lord Shiva that he could not be killed by any weapon of Gods, humans or demons. Armed with this boon, he started oppressing the three worlds.

        Lord Ganesha then battled Gajamukhasura by hurling his right tusk at him and defeating him instantly. Gajamukhasura then transformed into a mouse and requested Ganesha to accept him as his Vahana.
        Ganesh lost one of his teeth and he became known as "Ek-Danta" and philosophically became a pursuer of Singular doctrine i.e. Adwaitwadi where one chooses only a single aim and travels towards it (Adwati).

        Lord Ganesha also has the honour of being worshipped as a leader, the first among all Gods.
        Apart from gracing your homes, this beautiful Silver art ware is a wonderful choice if you are looking at Silver Gifts.

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