Silver Ganesh Gaja Mukh Asura Large

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        Is Sterling Silver 92.5Sterling Silver 92.5
        Has Anti Tarnish ProtectionAnti Tarnish
        Will Be Gift PackedGift Packed
        Includes A Care & Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual

        Product Dimensions -

        • Length - 35.5 cms
        • Breadth - 27 cms
        • Height - 26 cms
        • Diameter - na

        *sizes of handcrafted products are approximate

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        This story tells why Ganesh travels on a Mouse. He crushed the ego of an asura called Gajamukhasura, an elephant faced the demon, who transformed himself to a mouse and devoted himself to serve lord Ganesha as his vehicle.

        According to another legend, Ganesh broke his tusk himself in his war with Gajamukhasura. Gajamukha, a demon, did severe penance on the advice of Shukraachaarya, the guru of the asuras or demons, and obtained invincible powers from Shiva.

        He used these powers to harass the gods who then rushed to Ganesh for help. Ganesh battled with the demon but realized that due to the powers given by Shiva, the evil one could not be killed with any weapon, thereafter Ganesha broke his right tusk and threw it at Gajamukha cursing him to change into a mouse and keeping it under his control.

        This Silver Art ware is not only aesthetically appealing but also has a very endearing story and lesson behind it. It can be a thoughtful gift as #HousewarmingGifts #WeddingGifts #AnniversaryGifts or even part of the #Trousseau.

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