Silver Ganesh Kaveri

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        Is Sterling Silver 92.5Sterling Silver 92.5
        Has Anti Tarnish ProtectionAnti Tarnish
        Will Be Gift PackedGift Packed
        Includes A Care & Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual

        Product Dimensions -

        • Length - 19 cms
        • Breadth - 20 cms
        • Height - 13.5 cms
        • Diameter - na

        *sizes of handcrafted products are approximate

        #Episodesilver has a wide choice of pure sterling silver products that are just perfect for Home Decor or gifting purposes. The entire range is an outcome of years of hard work and thoughtfulness invested behind designing it.This Silver Ganesh is a handcrafted #Episodesilver depiction of a moment in Celestial history; Once upon a time, the great Sage Agasthya was gifted the River Kaveri by Lord Shiva by filling it in his kamandal, bidding Kaveri to flow wherever Agasthya pointed. At the same time Lord Indra, in exile, out of fear of the asura Surapaduman had started meditating with prayers to Lord Shiva. He created a beautiful garden & worshipped Lord Shiv with the flowers from his garden. But soon after, Lord Varuna also in fear of Surapaduman did not shower rains & Indra's garden & the entire region suffered from severe drought. Sage Narad Muni, being the head of the Celestial Intelligence Agency during those Celestial times, took it upon himself to inform Indra of Kaveri, inside Agasthyas gadhvi & its importance for that region. Indra upon finding out, started praying to Lord Ganesha for his help.Lord Ganesha, hearing the prayers of Indra, took the form of a crow & sat on Agasthyas kamandal & toppled it. River Kaveri, understanding the signal began to flow, bringing back the flaura & fauna of the region. Agasthya lifted his hands to shoo off the crow. The crow took the form of a small boy. Agasthya started chasing the boy trying to strike him on his head with his knuckles. Ganesha took his original form.This visually appealing idol of Ganesha is beautifully created with real silver and the base is covered with rustic stone on the base. Artfully detailed with various element including the idol sitting atop the metal ‘kalash’ and droplets of water in silver mirroring a contrasting divine allure.

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