Silver Ganesh Shwet

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        #Episodesilver lineage can be traced to 1882 over four generations, when the house of whorras, a family enterprise, successfully embarked upon custom made silverware, trophies and mementos. #Episode has the widest and most unique collection of Ganeshas.
        Ganesha recreated the universe after it had been destroyed by the burning heat of the sun. Ganesha performed his dance of divine creation and blew the conch, the sound of creation- OM, resonated through the universe. He summoned the three gods- Bhrama, Vishnu & Mahesh and assigned them the duties of creation, preservation and destruction. In this rendering of Ganesha, the designers have depicted him as a potter creating the world on his wheel, whilst the three gods (symbolically represented) shower their blessings on him for this endeavor.
        Episode has always been fulfilling the demand gap for innovative Silver Gifts for occasions like Wedding Return Gifts, Silver Wedding Presents, #HousewarmingGifts etc. Many people also like giving this Silver art ware to their employees on festivals like Diwali as a Corporate Gift.

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