Silver Ganesh Sindhu Sudan Large

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        Lord ganesha was once summoned by all gods to slay the demon Sindhu for his misdeed. Ganesha defeated him in a war, asking for forgiveness the demon asked the great lord to accept him as his vehicle thus transforming into a peacock. Ever-since, Ganesha is known as Mayuresh, the peacock rider or ganpati bappa moray. Depicting ganesha as the peacock rider, the conqueror of demon madhu when summoned by the trinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
        This rendition is the story of the magnanimous quality of Lord Ganesha, who not only forgives our misdeeds but bestows blessings as well. This wonderful Silver Art ware includes the depiction of the Peacock, Symbols of different gods and goddesses and Ganesha as the peacock rider.
        This Silver Ganesh is a wonderful option for a #HousewarmingGift or a #WeddingGift.

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