Silver Ganesh Vaibhav Chintamani

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        ‘Chintamani’, the wish- fulfilling jewel, was given to Sage Kapila by Indra, which in-turn was stolen by Prince Ganaraj. The distraught sage on Goddess Durga’s advice prayed to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha battled Ganaraja and won back the Chintammani for the sage. By then, Kapila had lost interest in the stone beacuse he realised that having Ganesha by his side was a greater asset than owning the Chintaamani. So sage Kapila hung the jewel around Ganesha’s neck to show his gratitute. The legend is a reminder that simply by reciting the Ganesha stotra, Lord Ganesha will bestow prosterity & wisdom & fulfil our desires.

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