Silver Shiv Mandir Shiv Parivar

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        Is Sterling Silver 92.5Sterling Silver 92.5
        Has Anti Tarnish ProtectionAnti Tarnish
        Will Be Gift PackedGift Packed
        Includes A Care & Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual

        Product Dimensions -

        • Length - 25.5 cms
        • Breadth - 24 cms
        • Height - 22 cms
        • Diameter - na

        *sizes of handcrafted products are approximate

        #Episode is known to be visionary with their designs yet culturally rooted in their essence. #Episodesilver is versatile with its design philosophy where you get to choose from a wide range of exclusive Silver products which are embodiments of artistry and charm.

        #Episodesilver's tagline, “The traditional can stand alongside the contemporary”, states the wonder of linking conceptualization with creativity. The extensive variety of silver gifts available with #Episodesilver is highly appreciable.

        In the divine family of Lord Shiva, there are only four members, namely, Lord Shiva, his consort Parvati, and the two sons- Kartikeya (Subramanya) and Ganesha (Vinayaka). This is an ideal family. There is no difference of opinion, whatsoever, either between husband and wife or the two brothers. There is a perfect accord and harmony in their family.

        This Silver art ware is the designer's tribute to the divine family and a reminder that every family should strive for achieving unity and harmonious relationship among its members. Every family should strive to emulate the example of Lord Siva's family.

        This marvelous Silver Shiv Mandir is a must have in your homes especially if you are a shiv Bhakt. This is also a very valuable gift as a #WeddingGift or #HousewarmingGift.

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