Silver Tray Traditional Small

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        #Silver is a medium to express design, it also means that the word fusion does not exist for us, the traditional can stand alongside the contemporary. This, then, is the guiding philosophy at #Episodesilver’s aesthetics. Each piece should look good on its own, in whatever ambience it is placed.

        This striking Silver Tray Traditional will be a statement at your homes. It can also be given as a #HousewarmingGift, #WeddingGift, or #AnniversaryGift.

        Traditional thalis/trays especially made of silver have been part of the Indian culture forever. During weddings or poojas, the traditional tray is decorated for the festivities. It is also used for #Trousseau packing of clothes, jewels etc. Silver traditional trays are very auspicious in Indian culture.

        This piece comes in two sizes; small and big depending on your requirement. Usually, the big one is used for #Trousseau packing etc

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