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Why you need to keep a Buddha at home?

Keeping a Buddha at home is a great idea for your home décor, but did you know that apart from being a home décor product, a Buddha adds much more to your home? As per the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui, placing a Buddha attracts immense positive energy in your home. In this fast-paced life, it is very important to add some calmness and peace into your life. A Buddha is greatly helpful in creating that peaceful aura.

Types of Buddha idols

A Buddha stands for calmness and harmony, thus making them a great option for home décor as well as a truly unique gift, ideal for gifting on various occasions. They are available in their meditating form or one can also buy the laughing Buddha idol. The laughing Buddha is known for its power to bring wealth, prosperity and happiness in life. The meditating Buddha with its positive vibes is known for its ability to bring a balance in life. These idols are available in different materials, but when you are looking for a unique gift, a silver Buddha is just the perfect choice. An #EPISODESILVER Silver Buddha is a beautiful home décor piece. Give it to your loved ones on a special day or buy it for your own home and it is sure to spread its positivity around.

Where to place?

Now if you have planned to buy a Buddha idol, it is important to place of the it properly. Laughing Buddha’s possess the power to attract prosperity and wealth. They should be placed facing the main entrance, on a side table or a wall shelf. Some consider it as a piece of home décor only, but with the right placement, it can bring lots of good things into your life.

It is also helpful when you keep a Buddha in your study room. This helps in increasing concentration and thus supports in reaching your goals. Ensure that the Buddha is placed at or above eye level, away from smelly areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

A silver Buddha can also be used as a home décor piece to pep up the boring spots in your home interior. Place it near your wifi modem to hide the shabby box and who knows the positive energy present in the Buddha might travel across your home through the wifi signals.

Silver Buddha idols with such immense power can be bought from Whether it is for your home décor or the thought of giving a unique gift, there must be no compromise on the quality aspect.

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