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How it works?

Event Brief

We start by understanding your requirements in terms of the occasion, utility of the gift, and the theme for your event.

Design Conceptualization

Our In-house design team will then conceptualize based on the event brief and create designs to suit your needs and budgets.

Budget, Delivery & Prototyping

Once a design is finalized, we share the expected production time, exact pricing and the the first prototype for approval.


Production will commence upon approval of the first prototype, and raising a purchase order. Any unforeseen delays will be flagged timely to ensure smooth delivery.


We customize the products as per your needs. We can engrave motifs & names on our products and even match your colour scheme with our packaging.


We ensure on time delivery of all our orders. We can proudly claim that we are on time, every time.

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Mehendi Gifts

You dream it

We make it happen

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Gifting Boxes

Full Bloom

Inspired by flowers in full bloom, birds singing their sweet melodies and the rich and lush colours of the Indian summer gardens, this collection can be adapted to a myriad of traditional Indian patterns and motifs to suit your wedding theme. 

Divine Traditions

Inspired by simplicity and devotion, this collection features a wedding invite designed around a beautiful Sterling Silver Sai Baba idol. Episode can create customized wedding invites suited to your beliefs, tastes and theme.

Garden of Bliss

Inspired by the colours of the peacock with a homage to the endearing nature of Lord Krishna, this collection has a variety of gifts which can be placed inside your wedding invitation box. Episode’s beautiful wedding collection can be customized to suit your desires.

Add a sparkle of silver to your special day.

We offer bespoke gift options for all occasions.

Episode Sterling Silver Customized Wedding Collections


Episode offers an enchanting collection of Sterling Silver and Silver Plated products for those unforgettable occasions. Memorialize special events by engraving your gifts with details of the ceremony. Sophisticated and eternal, silver adds value and elegance to your gifts.

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Invitation Gifts

Invitation Gifts

Silver is considered to be a very auspicious metal making it perfect for Invitation Gifts. We offer a large variety of gift options like boxes, bowls, diyas and other artifacts which, when customized to your theme along with the invite boxes, truly add a silver lining to the occasion.

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Trousseau Gifts


The Episode Trousseau Collection comprises of Object D’art Sterling Silver and Silver Plated products. Our contemporary and chic products are specially designed and handcrafted by fifth generation craftsmen as cherished family heirlooms to go from one generation to the other.

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Return Gifts

Return Gifts

Return Gifts are now an integral part of Indian weddings. It is a tradition to express gratitude to the honored guests for the blessings bestowed upon the couple. At Episode, we promise to make your gifts memorable and unforgettable for years to come.

First Invites

The First Invite marks the first step towards a lifelong union between two families and the most auspicious way to commemorate this is through an ethereal First Invite by Episode. Episode designs unique first invites for weddings to invoke blessings and seal a bond that lasts forever.

Episode Sterling Silver Wedding Mata Ki Chowki Gifts

Mata Ki Chowki

At Episode, we are sensitive to sentiments, tradition and reverence. Apart from our existing collection of products, we can create customized gifts & packaging as per your designs to mark various occasions, be it Sundarkanth Path, Mata ki Chowki or Sai Sandhya.

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