Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar
Episode Silver Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar
Episode Silver Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar

Ganesh Sitar


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It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the inspiration of all music as the rhythms and vibrations of the universe are channelled through him, and that we humans are purely vehicles of Ganesha's universal musical expression. The Lord of often seen playing various instruments and taking that as inspiration we have created an entire series where Lord Ganesha is playing various instruments like the Bansuri, Veena, Dholak, etc. These are nice additions to your home or as gifts for your friends and family especially those who are into creative arts. Episode prides itself as being a pioneer in design and process innovation for our Festive Collection. Each design is developed after a through research on our traditions and rituals. Our festive range is extensive to fit all budgets as well as covers all design aesthetics.



Q1: Is the Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar a fusion of religious and musical symbols?Answer: Yes, the Sitar is the fusion of religious and musical symbols harmoniously.

Q2: How is the sitar design incorporated into the Sterling Silver Ganesh?
Answer: The Sterling Silver Ganesh is shown playing the Sitar.

Q3: Can the Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar be wall-mounted?
Answer: No, Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar cannot be wall-mounted.

Q4: How do I ensure the longevity of the Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar's shine and design?
Answer: To maintain the longevity of the Sterling Silver Ganesh Sitar's shine and design, it should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth regularly.

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